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Stylised grotesque misericord in the chapel
Fourteenth century misericord

This site provides information about the education, activities, organisation and history of the school. We hope this will be of interest to prospective parents who are considering Winchester for their son, parents of current pupils, Old Wykehamists and Friends of Winchester College, the pupils themselves and of course the general public.

The site is intended to reflect the breadth and depth of a Winchester Education but like all such reflections is never still. New sections are being developed, existing ones added to and some removed but at all times we are striving to improve what we offer and thus ask if you have any suggestions or comments, please address them to the web editor, Mr Chris Yates

Most of the photographs shown on this website are copyright to professional photographers Benjamin Arthur, Andy Sollars, Jon Willcocks. We acknowledge with grateful thanks a number of photographs by members of staff and boys in the school, but as these are fewer in total but more numerously provenanced we have not named the individuals responsible.

Suzanne Foster in Archives and Dr Geoffrey Day in Fellows' Library have helped with much of the historical material.

The design brief was given to Remarkable

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