Common Time 2019

K. Kingsgate House (Beloe's)

Mr Mark Romans

House Master:
Dr Mark Romans

 Dr Laurence Guymer

Dr Laurence Guymer will take over as Housemaster from September 2021. lmg@wincoll.ac.uk

Assistant Housemaster:
Mrs Penny Hill

Mrs Judy Thomas   

(01962) 621 300
(01962) 621 310

Kingsgate House
Kingsgate Road
SO23 9PG

House Letter: K

Beloe's Outside Beloe's Outside Beloe's

Kingsgate House was built as a boarding house in 1905 and as such is the most recent of all the boarding houses at Winchester. It is the only one built after the expansion period of the 1860s and occupies a site on the corner of Kingsgate Street and Romans Road.

Founded by The Revd R.D. Beloe,  the first Housemaster (1905-1914), it is formally known as Kingsgate House but informally as Beloe's after its founder. It accommodates 60 boys in a house with large gardens and its own tennis court.

The present Housemaster is Dr Mark Romans who teaches History. In September 2021 he will be succeeded by Dr Laurence Guymer.  

Laurence teaches History and is currently Head of the History Department and Head of V Book Div. He coaches soccer and tennis, and referees Winchester College Football. He was Assistant Housemaster of Chernocke House for three years. He came to Winchester in 2010 having completed his Ph.D. and having been a lecturer in Modern British History. He has published a number of books and articles on British diplomacy and politics in the nineteenth century.

He lives with his partner, Stacey, who is a Business Associate at the NFU Mutual, and his trusty Bishon Frise, Raphael. He enjoys sport and theatre, film and music