Common Time 2019

Campus Development

Foreword by the Headmaster  

Winchester College is one of the oldest schools in Britain and also one of the most beautiful. Its buildings and its setting combine to make it a national treasure. While its core purpose of educating 700 resident adolescent boys inevitably gives it a certain quality of enclosure, the College is intensely aware of its place in the City of Winchester and the wider local community.   

What happens in the College is therefore naturally a matter of public interest. The Warden & Fellows, the College's Governing Body, and its staff, who number in total about 500, many of whom reside in and around the College, value their membership of the wider Winchester community. They understand how important it is that any change and development of the College's amenities are sensitive to its surroundings and to the feelings of the community.  

Inevitably schools and the education they provide change over time and it is essential that they plan for the future carefully. This entails close analysis of the implications of future developments and prudent projection and control of finances. The Campus Conservation and Development Framework represents fruitful consultation and collaboration between statutory and local stakeholders, the wider public and the College, the College's concern for the architectural integrity of its setting, its desire to maximise safe public access to its walks and its commitment to the care and preservation of its natural surroundings.  

The Framework will underpin on-going discussion and consultation as the basis for the College's relationship with all who have an interest in its future.  

Dr Tim Hands


Development plans for the Southern Campus and Wellington House.




The Campus Conservation and Development document: Here 

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