Senior Prefect, Year 13

As a Quirister at The Pilgrims’ School nearby, I already knew the College, but I still felt overwhelmed at the prospect of a new school. Every worry or preconception changed as soon as I joined and realised what it’s really like to be a pupil here. I quickly made friends, worked hard, and enjoyed what was on offer.  

I’m an avid rower and row for the school’s 1st VIII, but we’re able to take part in any sport we like. Some of my friends play football all week, whilst others engage in martial arts – uniquely each sport is given equal priority depending on your interest.

Living with your friends in a boarding house is a unique experience, and one that creates friends for a lifetime. These same friends encourage your interests and support you throughout your time at the school.  

If you are someone who will seize every opportunity possible – Winchester is a great place to be.