Year 13

Winchester is a place where you can make things happen. As an international student from Spain, I like that the dons encourage our own initiatives, which instigate many exciting events – from a Confucian Lecture by Professor Rana Mitter to a continuous 24hr charitable run/row/cycle. This keeps us all busy with things to look forward too.  

Central to my time at Winchester has been the Community Service programme. I enjoy the openness of our involvement and the need to constantly think of the extra things I can do to help. For instance, when I support actors with learning disabilities recite and learn their lines, I like to create simple gesture games to make it more fun.  

Dons are always keen to share their experiences and knowledge. It’s a great opportunity for us to learn pragmatic skills. Working alongside Mrs Talks, I have learnt the ropes of organising and hosting many of Winchester’s outreach events – from the Hampshire Primary School’s Tea with Dr Jane Goodall to the Canine Partners’ Summer Reception.  

The Winchester culture revolves around trying new things and I love that. Even when I think I am pursuing a ‘niche’ hobby like Bookbinding, I always get to meet fellow enthusiasts.