Giles Munn

Head of Sport and Chemistry Don

Being Head of Sport at Winchester is a privilege - I work alongside former Olympians and Premiership football captains. I’ve been proud to introduce Sports Scholarships to the school, welcoming great new sporting talent. I’m also looking forward to overseeing the redevelopment of the PE Centre in to a state-of-the-art Sports Centre, allowing more boys to play more sports, for longer.  

Sport at Winchester is defined by the diversity of choice the boys have. From their first two-week sports induction, they can try their hand at sports they may never have had the opportunity to try out before like Fencing, Fives, Rackets and Rowing. Winchester may well be known for its academia but sport forms a significant part of the daily timetable – after all, sport and physical exercise are an integral part of developing teenagers into well-rounded, successful and happy adults.