Sarah Harden

Head of Classics

I came to Winchester after several years teaching at Oxford University: in some ways it wasn’t a huge change – the buildings here are just as historic and beautiful and the pupils are just as bright and stimulating.   

Being a don at Winchester means getting involved in almost every aspect of the school: my main job is running the Classics Department, which is one of the largest in the school because Latin is studied by every boy all the way through to GCSE. My team and I love getting to know all of our pupils during their first three years at the school: sharing our passion for the Ancient World with so many students is a unique privilege.   

I’m also a tutor in Kingsgate House where I look after the boarding house one evening a week. Outside the classroom and boarding house, I have directed several plays and have tried my hand at coaching soccer, hockey and tennis. I think it will have to be Winchester College Football next!