Whether they are teaching algorithms or catering for 60 boys three times a day, seven days a week, the people who keep the school running both educationally and logistically work tirelessly to keep the boys inspired and cared for.

Lawrence Beech

Director of IT

Before joining the team at Winchester I had a background both in industry and educational IT environments. I previously provided direction and leadership for IT functions in a variety of situations from primary schools, to large scale international manufacturing operations, academies and independent schools within the UK. I am excited to be working in a school that really embraces change and is promoting the use of modern technology in education. The school leadership team has continued to invest in our IT and infrastructure to create a modern learning environment within the backdrop of a beautiful, historic campus.
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Sam Baddeley

Head of Drama

I organise and oversee a diverse programme that includes productions, clubs, workshops, LAMDA lessons and the Junior Drama Festival. I also direct several shows a year. Our drama ethos is in many ways a reflection of the values of the school as a whole: mass-participation is encouraged, excellence is sought and achieved, and a lot of fun is had by boys and staff alike! There is no more rewarding experience than being involved in a play. The energy and creativity of our pupils is a joy to behold, and I am constantly impressed by the ambition of their projects. We try to give them the broadest possible experience of what it is like to work in a professional theatre: many will act, direct, produce and stage manage shows during their time here. Moreover, we are increasingly looking to exploit the dramatic potential of alternative venues; the character and quirkiness of our ancient buildings is a real asset to our drama provision. My days centre around my teaching, which ranges from perfecting the art of the semicolon with JP Div, through to reading Thucydides with my sixth form Greek set, but also includes boarding duties and co-curricular activities, such as cross-country running. Every day is different, and it is a real privilege to work in such a stimulating environment with such motivated colleagues and pupils.
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Julian Perry

Senior Chemistry Technician

We are lucky to have really well-equipped labs and, as well as our great practicals, we lay on fabulous (and indeed famous) demonstrations. I believe that those boys who go on to study chemistry at university really appreciate what we do for them.  
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Liz Veal

Head of Economics

When people ask what I teach, they often say ‘I don’t know much about Economics’, but it is, of course, not the case. Anyone who works, goes shopping or provides for their family – so everyone – is engaging with Economics.  
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Aurélien Vieilleville

Head of French and Assistant Housemaster of Fearon’s

There are many different facets to boarding life, which means that dons have diverse responsibilities and environments in which they can get to know the boys.
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Suzanne Foster

College Archivist

Climbing towers and using old keys took a bit of getting used to but I quickly discovered that the archives were full of wonderful things - letters signed by Elizabeth I, Anglo-Saxon Charters and pieces of quill still lodged in the pages of volumes where the scribe had sharpened his pen.
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Joyce Clement

Assistant catering manager

In my time at Winchester College, I have seen lots of changes but the one thing that has not changed is that the boys love their food, appreciate trying different recipes and will soon let you know if it’s a thumbs down.
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Alan Smith

Head Gardener

Gardening in the shadows of great buildings that have seen centuries of world events and working where many have once toiled, is very humbling.  
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Sarah Harden

Head of Classics

I came to Winchester after several years teaching at Oxford University: in some ways it wasn’t a huge change – the buildings here are just as historic and beautiful and the pupils are just as bright and stimulating.
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John Cullerne

Undermaster and Physics and Maths don

In addition to teaching Physics, Maths and Div, I also run Faith Circles, a weekly meeting of all the boys from non-Christian traditions. I’m also Master in Charge of all martial arts.  
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John Wright

Head of Geography

The thrill of adventure, alongside academic investigation allows the boys to develop a curiosity about the world, as well as a love of the natural environment that I hope will last a lifetime.
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David Thomas

Master of Music

The busy nature of life at Winchester is reflected in the music department, where each week may see several different concerts.
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Karlene Cullen

Lead Nurse, Medical Centre

Our team of paediatric nurses know that teenage years can be a challenging time for some so we spend a lot of time getting to know the boys.  
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Patrick Herring

Deputy Head (Academic) and Modern Languages Don

We are now at the forefront of new and exciting developments in mobile teaching technology: with the aid of inkable tablet-laptops and increasingly extensive use of digital resources, we are able to provide specially-created and interactive online learning tools for our pupils.
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Tom Thomas

Director of Studies and Chemistry Don

As Director of Studies, I monitor the progress that boys are making using their intermediate grades and exam performance (both internal and external). This analysis is then shared with the Second Master, Deputy Head Academic, Housemasters and Heads of Department so that they can best support the boys in both the pastoral and academic aspects of school life.
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Nicholas Wilks

Second Master

My experience in teaching English, in both the private and maintained sectors, is perhaps a more orthodox background to being Second Master than my conducting and my work in music education. Both have proved invaluable in encouraging our pupils to listen and to develop their own convictions.
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Allan Reinthal

Head Porter

Historically a porter is a gatekeeper and we can normally be found at the main entrance to the school in The Porters' Lodge.  
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Andrew Leigh

Classics Don

Not every boy is enthused by the intricacies of Greek and Latin grammar – especially during the last lesson on Wednesday afternoons!  
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Eszter Backhausz

Maths Don

It is very rewarding to see that the boys here take mathematics very seriously, and they often stay behind after lessons to ask for help with a problem they have been thinking about, or to show me a new piece of mathematics they have stumbled upon.  
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Clare Talks

Director of Community Service and Geography Don

Community Service is a journey of self-discovery.  Our boys are encouraged to work out of their comfort zone. They learn to become self-reliant in challenging situations, to engage and empathise with others, and to give unreservedly and wholeheartedly of their time and talents. 
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Howard Ionascu

Director of Chapel Music

Together, we prepare four weekly services alongside a number of extra engagements such as special services, concerts, tours, recordings and broadcasts.
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Jan Hepworth

Head of Spanish

I have found that the academic curiosity among staff and boys at Winchester is hard to replicate elsewhere, with boys actively seeking out opportunities to learn long after their working day is done.
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Giles Munn

Head of Sport and Chemistry Don

Sport at Winchester is defined by the diversity of choice the boys have.
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Richard Foster

Fellows’ Librarian and Keeper of Collections

A typical day might involve teaching a class about 16th century maps, discussing medieval manuscripts with a visiting researcher, and helping pupils to plan an exhibition in the school’s museum.
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Callum Barnes

Designated Safeguarding Lead and Head of Design & Technology

As assistant housemaster in Du Boulay’s (Cook’s), I tend to eat most of my evening meals with the boys as well as several lunches during the week. It gives me the opportunity to catch up with them on their day, talk about things that are coming up or general conversations on unexpected topics!
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