Common Time 2019

E. Morshead's (Freddie's)

Dr Jamie McManus

House Master:
Dr Jamie McManus

Mr Tim Giddings will take over as Housemaster from September 2020.

Assistant Housemaster:
Mr Alex Humphreys

Mrs Amanda Nash 

(01962) 621 305
(01962) 621 315

St. Cross Road
SO23 9JA

House Letter: E

Freddies Internal Freddie's Freddie's

Morshead's is one of the four boarding houses in the Commoner Block of 6.5 acres purchased in the 1860s by Headmaster Ridding (1867-1884), known as the School's Second Founder. A purpose built boarding house completed in 1868 known initially as Southgate Corner, it sits on the corner of St Cross Road and Romans Road.

Founded by Frederick Morshead, the first Housemaster (1868-1905), it is formally known as Morshead's but informally as Freddie's. It accommodates 60 boys in a house that includes a snooker room, gym area and grass tennis court. The House is scheduled for refurbishment through the course of 2014

Jamie McManus took up the housemastership of Freddie's in January 2010. He was previously Under Master, in charge of academic administration. He teaches Chemistry. He is married to Mallory, a Harvard economist. They have two daughters.

In September 2020 he will be succeeded by Tim Giddings, who teaches Classics and is Head of JP Div.  Tim teaches Classics and is Head of First Year Div. He came to Winchester in 2009 after finishing postgraduate study at Oxford University. He was the resident tutor in College from 2010-16. He coaches soccer, Winchester football and cricket and helps with the Royal Navy section of the CCF, as well as editing the School magazine.

He is married to Hannah, and has two young children. He enjoys playing the viola and is currently trying to learn Italian.