Common Time 2019

D. Fearon's (Kenny's)

Mr Matthew Winter

House Master:
Mr Matthew J Winter

Mr Joe Cole will take over as Housemaster from September 2020.

Assistant Housemaster:
Mr Aurelien Vieilleville.   

Mrs Linda Bowles

(01962) 621 304
(01962) 621 314

St. Michael's Road
SO23 9JE

House Letter: D

Kenny's Dining Room Kenny's Front Door  

Fearon's is one of the four boarding houses in the Commoner Block of 6.5 acres purchased in the 1860s by Headmaster Ridding (1867-1884), known as the School's Second Founder.  It is a purpose built boarding house completed in 1868, known initially as Culver House, on the corner of St Cross Road and St Michael's Road.

Founded by The Revd W.A. Fearon, the first Housemaster (1868-1882), it is formally known as Fearon's but informally as Kenny's, after the second Housemaster Thomas Kensington (1882-1904). It accommodates 60 boys and offers a gym, music room, library, TV room, games room and Sixth Book Common Room.

The Housemaster of Kenny's is presently Matthew Winter. From 2005 -2010 he was Head of Theology and Philosophy at Winchester. He is married to Anna and they have three young children.

In September 2020 he will be succeeded by Joe Cole, who teaches Physics. Joe is currently Assistant Housemaster of Moberly's and a Physics don. He holds a degree in Physics and Astronomy from the University of Nottingham. He came to Winchester in 2015 from Shrewsbury International School in Bangkok, having previously been Head of Physics at Greenshaw High School and Head of Year at Sutton Grammar School.

He is heavily involved in sport, coaching soccer, cricket and hockey. Joe's partner Hayley is also a teacher.