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Boarding at Winchester

Winchester Boarding Houses
Winchester Boarding Houses
Winchester Boarding Houses

Most boys at Winchester College are called 'Commoners'. The Commoners live in ten boarding Houses, all within easy walking distance of the mediaeval College, its classrooms and its facilities. Each House is a self-contained community to which the boys return from classes or games to study, eat and sleep. Each of the Commoner Houses has approximately sixty boys in residence.

The remaining boarding House is College. Boys who are housed here are called Scholars. Approximately seventy boys live in College which forms the nucleus of the whole School and is its historic heart.

The ten Housemasters and the Master in College are responsible for the pastoral, academic and disciplinary well-being of the boys. Each House also has the dedicated support of a number of other adults.

The Houses, in turn, are part of a greater School community and nearly all of the adults involved in the teaching and supervision of the boys live amongst the boarding Houses and around the School facilities. This means that there are many opportunities, both formal and informal, for building those good personal and professional relationships, which are the basis of proper care.

The aim of this care is to ensure that the boys, by the time they leave Winchester, have not just good academic qualifications, but also the ability to work effectively by themselves and in a group, with a well developed sense of values and a strong respect for others.