Common Time 2019

Moberly Library

Owl of wisdom
Brewery wall

Moberly Library (MobLib) is the School's main library. With a stock of almost 27,000 items it covers all subjects but leaves specialist books in the sciences to the Science Library, and books on fine and decorative arts and architecture can be found in the newly refurbished Art School library.

There are three rooms in the library:

Blackwell Room

On the left as you reach the entrance foyer. This room exclusively houses fiction in English and translated into English accompanied by an expanding collection of audio books. Additionally we have a selection of graphic novels, a short story collection and some Good Fiction guides. It is a comfortable reading room with a wonderful outlook towards the Cathedral.

Makins Room

This is to the right of the entrance foyer. It holds the first part of the non-fiction book sequence as well as six quality daily newspapers. It also contains twelve desktop computers linked to the school intranet and a discussion area. There is a colour printer/photocopier which can also scan documents and a stand-alone PC for searching the on-line catalogue.


This is accessed through the Makins Room. It is in the oldest part of the School and holds most of the books (continuing the non-fiction sequence from Makins) with a second on-line catalogue available via dedicated PC. Periodicals, which are shelved in the Brewery Well and games of Chess, Go and Scrabble can all be found here. The room is named after its original purpose. A few years ago The Friends of Winchester College produced a leaflet on the history of the Brewery.

The library has a comprehensive collection of electronic subscription databases and also links to other useful on-line resources.