Common Time 2019

Winchester College

School in the City

Winchester College is set in the beautiful and historic town which was in ancient times the Capital of England. King Alfred and his legend are closely associated with it. The School enjoys close proximity to the Cathedral (http://winchester-cathedral.org.uk/), one of the great medieval buildings of Europe, and has longstanding links with its musical foundation.

Through our Community Service programme (www.winchestercollege.org/community-service) we are involved with work in local primary schools, the Hospital of St Cross (http://stcrosshospital.co.uk/) and the Theatre Royal (http://www.theatreroyalwinchester.co.uk/). Undergraduates from the University of Winchester (www.winchester.ac.uk/pages/home.aspx) visit the School as part of their leadership course.

The Friends of Winchester College, made up mostly of local residents of the city, enjoy a programme of lectures throughout the year and access to the School's library.

School officials serve on committees concerned with consultation and action in various community affairs. Further information can be found at www.winchestercollege.org/public-benefit.