Common Time 2019

Winchester College

Sports Awards

Winchester College now offers 13+ entrants the chance to apply for a Sports Award.

Sports Award holders will be provided with:

  • specialist coaching sessions, paid for by the college, and focusing on the award holder and his core sport(s)
  • a regularly assessed strength and conditioning programme
  • a selection of lectures, workshops and presentations based on various aspects of sport (e.g. nutrition, sports injury, rehabilitation, sports psychology etc)
  • a tutor from the Sports Department to help an award holder achieve his sporting goals while maintaining a sensible and sustainable routine in the school
  • permission to attend external county level (or equivalent) training sessions, with the proviso that these do not have a detrimental effect upon a his academic studies or overall contribution to the sports programme

Consistent with the school's commitment to the proper use of its charitable funds, Sports Awards carry no prima facie remission of school fees. However, eligible parents may apply for means-tested financial support. In cases of financial need payment of school fees is made in the form of bursaries.

Bursaries are available on entry to the school and can be for up to 100% of the fees. Parents of potential Sports Awards holders who are likely to seek help with fees through the Bursary scheme must submit a Bursary Application Form by the same date as the Sports Award application; an indication of a possible bursary can then be given. This can help parents assess their financial options in advance of the Sports Awards Assessment Day.

Full details of the Sports Awards can be found in the document: Sports Awards - Information for Candidates.
A list of Award winners for 2018 can be found here.

The Head of Sport can give advice about all aspects of Sports Awards

How to Apply for a Sports Awards for entry in 2019 

  • Parents of candidates for Sports Awards are asked to read the Information for Candidates document above
  • Application forms may be obtained from the Admissions Office from Monday 3 September 2018           
  • Completed application forms must be received by the Admissions office by Sunday 28 October 2018 
  • The school will then write to individual referees to request references on the candidates according to the received application form. References must be received by Monday 12 November 2018
  • On Tuesday 20 November 2018 successful candidates will be invited to the Assessment Day 
  • Candidates will attend the assessment day on Tuesday 15 January 2019
  • Offers of Sports Awards will be sent out on Tuesday 22 January 2019
  • Offers must be accepted in writing within three days of the award being made

Further Advice
If once you have read the details and documents above you have any further questions then please contact the following

Enquires about Sports Awards Entry Forms requests Enquires about Bursaries
The Head of Sport:
Mr Giles Munn
Tel: +44 (0)7917 552 363
E-mail: gem@wincoll.ac.uk   
The Admissions Administrator:
Mrs Harriet Sawbridge
Tel: +44 (0)1962 621 164
E-mail: sportsawards@wincoll.ac.uk            
The Bursar's Secretary:
Mrs Wendy Neville
Tel: +44 (0)1962 621 271
E-mail: bursaries@wincoll.ac.uk