Cloister Time 2018

Winchester College

Sports Results

Cross Country 

Winchester College retained the senior trophy in the Canford Relays this afternoon - a 4x2mile cross country relay. It was an emphatic victory, winning with a 47 second margin over the second place school. The very large trophy will be reappearing in the PE Centre cabinet shortly. Thomas Heinzel-Kienberger (D) also received a medal for running the 3rd fastest time of all the senior competitors. The other team members were Paddy Mannion (H), Will Stone (F) and Ben Miyano (I). The inter team ran well too placing 4th in a very competitive race.


Winchester v Canford Away
Under 17s: Draw  


Winchester v Hurstpierpoint Away at West Sussex GC

Winchester v Bradfield and Marlborough  Away
Juniors: Loss


Winchester v Tonbridge  Away
Prince's: Loss
2nd Pair: Loss
Junior Colts: Win
Yearlings A: Loss
Yearlings B: Win