Stanmore Primary School takes over Winchester College Museum for the day

23rd November 2018

On Friday 23rd November 2018, Year 6 pupils from Stanmore Primary School will create a ‘pop up’ art show in the Winchester College Treasury as part of the national Kids in Museums Takeover Day. Takeover Day is an initiative supported by the Arts Council that sees over 6,000 children get involved with their local museum or art gallery.  

Prior to the 23rd, pupils will come to the Treasury during a discovery morning to explore the collections and choose objects which inspire them. They will sketch their favourites while finding out more about how objects can inform us about life in the past. Acting as mini tour guides, they will share their discoveries with their classmates before returning to Stanmore Primary School to complete their artwork.  

On November 23rd, Year 6 pupils will return to the Treasury to create and curate their own exhibition, a first for all of the children. After lunch in the medieval surrounds of College Hall, the children will join their parents in a special viewing to see all of their hard work and creativity first hand.  

The exhibition will remain open to visitors over the weekend of November 24th and 25th between 2-4pm.

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