13+ Timeline

We spend time getting to know each prospective family during the admissions process. It is a unique system, focused on potential, not merely prior attainment. It is based substantially on interview and ensures that by the time a boy starts, he will often have had a number of years to get to know us.

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Sixth Form Timeline

Each year we welcome a limited number of boys in to the Sixth Form, a choice which is becoming increasingly popular. Boys join to study our A-Level curriculum and quickly take advantage of extra-curricular activities.

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A step-by-step guide to school fees and deposits, explaining what is paid and when.

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Is ability more important than background? Our founder believed so, and we follow his example. The attitude of every boy matters most at Winchester, not his means.

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Winchester Entrance

Our examination and interview process looks for academic potential, irrespective of your son's previous educational setting.

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Especially bright boys may be invited to take part in Election, the academic scholarship exam. This may reward them with a Scholarship in College or an Exhibition place in another boarding house.

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Music & Sports Scholarships

These are awards for particularly talented musicians or sportsmen.

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Contact admissions

Our experienced Admissions Team provides you with the individual support and care needed to guide you through our highly personalised admissions process.

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See the School

We invite you to join us for a view of life and learning at Winchester College.